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music production

For decades, I have been involved in several aspects of producing music recordings and demos for singers, musicians and songwriters of all levels and styles. My advanced piano, vocal and musical skills have afforded me the ability to help produce high level recordings and demos. I have assisted many clients in achieving their goals in the recording studio utilizing state of the art digital software such as Pro Tools and Pro Logic. I also have access to many top studio musicians and recording/mixing engineers for more extensive projects. Whether you are a budding songwriter, an accomplished musician or a student in need of recording demos for college or other submissions, I am  equipped to handle your needs. My studio is located in the thriving music town of Athens, GA. Click on the mp3s and video below to hear samples of my work.

One Thing - Dark Handsome
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Waving Through A Window - Connor Closs
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Giving Me Time - Jason Little
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